Greetings and welcome back to the Horrid Homework haven.  It’s time for some Wednesday Work, have your paper and pencil to hand.


Yesterday we set some world records, today we’re going to make a medal and then we’re going to give it to ourselves for being champions!


You can make your medal in all sorts of different ways;


  • Draw a circle or a square or a diamond

Draw it as big or as small as you like

Choose your favourite colours and colour it in


  • Take some tin foil and wrap it around a piece of cardboard


  • Don’t forget to write your Horrid Henry name on your medal!



Now it’s your turn to use your imagination!


  • Think of other ways to make a medal; is there something you could decorate, wrap a ribbon round or borrow, like a big button?



Don’t forget to take a photo or draw a picture of you holding your medal. 


Put it on the wall so every day you are reminded of how fantastically horrid you are!


And that’s it!  Horrid Homework complete for today, go and do something peaceful and see you same time, same place tomorrow for your Thursday Thrill!



Stay safe and stay in touch!                                                                #HorridHenryUnlocked        




copyright Novel Entertainment LTD  

Be Horrid, be very Horrid!!!
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