Hello you Horrid people!   Can you believe it’s Thursday already?!


This week we’ve made up a fitness routine, broken some world records, given ourselves a medal and today it’s time to wrap up this week’s Horrid Homework with a Thursday Thrill.


This is your chance to impress and be put to the test, either by yourself or with a big (or little) brother or sister or your grown up. 


First of all, if anyone asks what you’ve been doing in your Horrid Homework sessions, use this fun fact to impress them and make them think you’ve been doing real homework all week.



Q:        In which British county does the sport of cheese rolling take place?

A:         Gloucester



And then impress them (or yourself) even more by putting them to the test with this full on Horrid Homework Quiz .  Remember that grown ups haven’t had to do homework for a very long time, and they probably haven’t ever done Horrid Homework until now, tee hee, so be gentle with them and maybe make them a medal to say thank you for doing it with you.


Here goes:


  1. In which country does the Superbowl take place?

  2. Which British city has teams called Wednesday and United?

  3. How many rings are there on the Olympic logo?

  4. Can a goalkeeper score a goal for his own team?

  5. In which sport is the word ‘love’ used?


And here are the answers (no peeking!)


  1. America 

  2. Sheffield

  3. Five 

  4. Yes (specially when Moody Margaret’s on the team!)

  5. Tennis 


And that’s it! 


Horrid Homework complete for today, give yourself 10/10 Purple Hand splats for being brilliant all week and don’t forget to join me on my super cool YouTube channel for the first ever Feet Up FriYAY tomorrow from 4pm.   




Stay safe and stay in touch!                                                                #HorridHenryUnlocked          

Be Horrid, be very Horrid!!!
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