Greetings loyal members of the Purple Hand Gang, ready to do some Horrid Homework? 


Then grab your Purple Pass and a pencil and paper and let’s get going!


Sunday saw me rocking out my air guitar for the TwoPointSixChallenge, so Monday’s Mission is to design your own fitness routine. 


There’s one rule; you can only use things you can find in your home. 


I’ve come up with two get fit quick routines, see if you can come up with a third one.


       Rug Scooting



  • You’re going to need a bathmat or a small rug or towel.


  • Sit down on the bath mat and scoot up and down a room or a hallway as fast as you can. 

    • Top tip; this won’t work on the carpet!


  • See how many runs you can do in 30 seconds and write it down.



      Air Guitar Workout


  • Grab your air guitar, put on your most favourite air guitar track and turn it up to 11 (my current fave is Wanna Be Me, which you can find here) and let’s go.


  • Do some squats, lunges to the left and right and arm raises, spin those arms while you perfect your play.


  • See how many times you can play the song before you get tired; my record is 3.5 which isn’t bad!  Write the number down for your records.


     Now it’s your turn to use your imagination!


  • Write out the name of your routine.


  • Write out the instructions.


  • Draw a picture or take a photo as proof that you did it!


And that’s it! 


Horrid Homework complete for today, go and relax and see you same time, same place tomorrow for your Tuesday Task.


Stay safe and stay in touch!                                                                #HorridHenryUnlocked          

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Be Horrid, be very Horrid!!!
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