Wild Weekend

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Perfectly Horrid

Perfectly Horrid.png

Top 10 Things

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Big Breakfast

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Pet Show

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Secret Club


Tricks & Treats

Gruesome Twosome




Complete Series 1

Favourite Day

Christmas Underpants

Smelly Stuff

Goes Fishing

Fun Run

Ice Cream Dream

Football Fiend

Ace Reporter

Zombie Hamster

Green Machine

Awesome Collection

Horrid Days

Goes to the Movies

Zombie Hamster

Complete Series 2

Stocking Filler

Horrid Collection

Delivers a Message

PHG Rules ok!

Gross Guide

Fun Run

Goes Bananas


Christmas Present

All Your Fault

Holiday Madness

Rocking the World

King of Bling

Complete Series 3

Knows It All

Day of the Dinosaur

Big Holiday

Perfect Christmas

Daring Deed

Too Cool For School

Mighty Mission

How to be Horrid

King Henry the 9th

Tripple Treats

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Double Trouble

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Tricks and Treats

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Get's Rich Quick

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Be Horrid, be very Horrid!!!
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