Welcome back Purple Pet Patrol, ready for your Tuesday Task? 

Miaow Marvellous!  Then let’s begin. 


So now that we’ve brought all of these new pets into the world, today we’re going to bring them to life by planning our Pet Portrait and making a Factfile about them.     Here are a few things you can think about.


  1. What does your pet look and sound like?


  • A squabbit is going to be furry, for sure, but how long will the fur be?  Will it stick out all over or will it fall to the ground like a winter coat?  Will you be able to see its eyes peeping out from under a fringe?


  • A koager will have fur too, but if it’s a curly koager then maybe it’s curly all over, or maybe it has a curly tail?   What colour will its fur be?  And will it be the same colour all over, or will it have lots of different colours, some bright and some dark maybe?


  • And what sort of noise will they make?  Can they talk, hum, chortle or snortle?


  1. Where does your pet live? What do they eat, do they have a favourite snack?


  • Pets can live in lots of different places; they might prefer a treehouse or a warm spot by the sofa, or they might snuggle down in the long grass.


  • What’s their favourite food?  Fang and Fluffy love Tickly Treats, what will your new pet eat?


  1. Now it’s your turn to use your imagination!



  • What will your new pet be called?  What will it look like and where will it live?  What noise does it make and what will it eat?


  • If you made up more than one pet you might have a mighty menagerie; Brainy Brian tells us that means a collection or a group.


  • Write down all your ideas in a safe place, because you’re going to need them tomorrow for your Wednesday Work.



And that’s it!  Horrid Homework complete for today, snortle off for your tea and see you same time, same place tomorrow.


Stay safe and stay in touch!                                                                #HorridHenryUnlocked

Be Horrid, be very Horrid!!!
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