Greetings loyal members of the Purple Hand Pet Patrol – it’s Miaow Monday and this is Fluffy and Fang, reporting in for this week’s Horrid Homework!


Are you ready for this?   Yeah, yeah, yeah!  You’ll need some crayons, maybe a pencil too, and some paper.


Have you checked out Sunday’s podcast yet, with our brand new story, Name Game?  If the answers yeah x 3 then you won’t be surprised to hear that Monday’s Mission is to put more pets in the world.  Yep, that’s right, we think there should be loads more pets in the world, and so that’s what we’re going to do this week.


First let’s see what kind of pet you might want.  We’re going to mix up some real ones and see what happens.


Write down the names of as many animals as you can on separate pieces of paper, then mix them all up and pick two to see what sort of new animal you’re going to make up.   Here’s what happened when Fang and Fluffy did theirs.



  1. Fang’s Furry Friend


  • Mix up a squirrel and a rabbit and what do you get?


  • A squabbit! Yeah yeah yeah!


  1. Fluffy’s Not so Furry Friend


  • This one’s a bit different, because Fluffy likes to be a bit different!



  • Mix up a koala and a tiger and what do you get?


  • A koager!!!


  1. Now it’s your turn to use your imagination!


  • What will your new pet be called?


  • You might want to make up more than one; you could have a whole family of pets, big, small and inbetween!


And that’s it!  Horrid Homework complete for today, go and curl up on the sofa like a cat and see you same time, same place tomorrow for your Tuesday Task.


Stay safe and stay in touch!                                                                #HorridHenryUnlocked

Be Horrid, be very Horrid!!!
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