Miaow to all you Horrid Homeworkers.  Fang and Fluffy were up early this morning, they can’t believe it’s already time to wrap up this week’s Horrid Homework with a Thursday Thrill.


How’s your pet this morning?  Is it a sleepyhead or an early riser?  Either way, you’re going to want to have them by your side while you grab your grown-up and all your favourite toys and teddies and introduce them to the new houseguest?


Then you can use this fun fact to impress them and make them think you’ve been doing real homework all week.


Q:        Which famous poet took his pet bear to which University?

A:         Lord Byron took his pet bear to Cambridge University! 



And after that it’s time to put them (and yourself) to the test with the Cheeky Chuck Chuck Quiz; yes that’s right, it’s all about chickens and Fang and Fluffy think it would be very funny if the loser has to run round the room pretending to be a chicken, complete with sound effects! 


Here goes:


  1. If you collected all the poo from one chicken’s lifetime into one big pile it would make enough electricity to a 100-watt bulb for five hours. True or False?

  2. Chickens can sometimes sleepwalk, just like humans. True or False?

  3. Chickens need their own passport if they want to go on holiday.  True or False?

  4. A healthy chicken can lay more than 260 eggs every year. True or False? 

  5. The chicken is related to the Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur. True or False?


And here are the answers (no peeking!)


  1. Phewee, it’s True!

  2. False.  Though they can dream, just like humans.  

  3. False because a) can you imagine trying to take a passport photo of a chicken chickens, and b) chickens don’t go on holiday!

  4. True 

  5. True


And that’s it!  You have completed another whole week of Horrid Homework, you’re getting 100% Purple Pet Patrol pats on the back for being brilliant all week and don’t forget to join Henry on his super cool YouTube channel for the second ever Feet Up FriYAY tomorrow from 4pm.   



Stay safe and stay in touch!                                                                #HorridHenryUnlocked

Be Horrid, be very Horrid!!!
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