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Horrid Henry's Purple Pass

My brilliant Horrid Henry album, with my fantastic TV theme tune, music from the Killer Boy Rats and some great Karaoke tracks so you can sing along!

Be loud! Be very loud!!!

  • Too Cool for School

    Your Lord High Majesty is now the King of Pop too!!  You’ll see my music video when you watch Horrid Henry the Movie, you can watch it here and now you can download it too!  It’s called Too Cool for School and everyone’s in it … even The Worm, worst luck! Killer Boy Rats rule ok!!

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  • Horrid Henry the Movie Album CD

    Horrid Henry: The Movie ... Trouble is Coming ... and music too!!!

    To accompany this fantastic family film, is an equally epic soundtrack featuring; Pixie Lott, The Saturdays, Black Eyed Peas and Justin Bieber.   Plus unlock bonus behind the scenes video’s of the making of the movie, plus play our quiz and find out how ‘Horrid’ YOU really are!!
    Don’t miss out get your copy now!

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  • My Most Horrible Album

    My Most Horrible Album brings you the Horrid Henry theme tune song and amazing The Killer Boy Rats! There are some Kareoke tracks too so you can sign along ... just remember .. be loud, be very loud!!!


    Follow this link for the CD, the Horrid Henry audio MP3 and listen to audio clips too!!

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