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Horrid Henry's Purple Pass

Horrid Henry Apps are for iPhone, iPad and iPod! Cool!

  • Horrid Henry’s Big Box of Pranks

    Horrid Henry's Big Box of Pranks is for Android and Apple!

    It's a collection of fun, fast and funny action-packed mini-games based on my love for all things mischievous!

    You’ll find all my friends on this awesome app, and my enemies too, worst luck!

    There’s the famous theme music from my TV series and some pretty cool sound effects – this is an app you just have to have!!

    As you triumph in each prank challenge, there is a Prank Award to collect and 15 mini games to unlock.

    Be Horrid…be really horrid. Download Now … if you dare!

    Download from Apple here!

    Download from GooglePlay here!


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  • Perfect Peter Sound App

    This fun app features The Worm at his Wormiest!

    Now you can be as good as gold with Perfect Peter on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad!

 This app contains the smelliest sayings from the Smelly Nappy Baby with 9 Perfect Peter sounds and sayings and a Purple Hand button which plays one of seventeen smelly sounds!

    There's even a 

video of Perfect Peter being cool - well, almostl!

    Serious fans need to collect all 3 of My Sound apps for horrid hat trick so check out Margaret's moody app and My Horrid Henry sound app to complete your collection!!!

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  • Moody Margaret Sound App

    This sound app brings Bogey Brains to your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

    It's got all the classic Moody Margaret sayings you need to be extra specially moody, just like Maragret!!

    There are 9 sayings from the Majesty of Mean and a Purple Hand button with 17 random moody sounds and sayings!  There's a video of Maragret too being very, er ... charming (not!!!)

    Don't miss out on your cool collection - be a genunie horrid fan and collect all 3 sound apps! Check out My Horrid Henry sound app and there's one by the Duke of Poop too!!!

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  • Horrid Henry Sound App

    My awesome Horrid Henry App is loud, rude and very horrid .... and that means it's mega cool!!!

    You can download it to your iPhone, iPad and IPod (or your grown ups!!)

    It's got all loads of useful Horrid Henry sayings on it, like "out of my way, worm" and "it's not fair!!", so you'll never be short of a handy reply again!!

    Check out the Random button too for some nasty noises and classic Horrid Henry sounds! Te hee!!!

    And it's only 69p!!  Even i can afford that!!!!

    Why not collect all my horrid sound apps - there's one from Bogey Brains and one from The Worm too!!  Cool!!!


    Have a look here! I've got some great reviews!!!

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